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Life is never the same. People are getting smarter and world became handier from year to year. Nowadays, there are no civilized people societies who haven't heard about mobile. Mobiles are everywhere ' on earth, in flight, in pockets and in minds.

Mobile phone isn't a communication facility any more. The mobiles have all the possible services a person need. And it becomes more and more advanced. Text and picture messaging, capability to listen and record files, play films, facility to give documents by Bluetooth technology and many others makes life of a person more comfortable and light.

Some more comfort? You're welcome! Please, have an opportunity to purchase equipments and services on request, that weren't possible before.

How's that? Simple, with the revolutionary Apple device ' iPhone mobile ability to purchase goods with the help of an application. Basically, it means that Apple starts a new mobile reality and micro-economy, with special shopping means for the customers, specific facilities for application developers and ability to gain the profit to its own Apple cheek.

It gives a great chance for mobile advertising that was seen as the poor alternate of Internet advertising. Apple was the first company that realized its great potential and starts to explore the idea.

What's the idea? Simple! Mobile advertising ' is a targeting ad. No secret, that cell phone is a very personal thing. Owing personal database (age, occupation) ' gives the opportunity for purposeful advertising, 'hit the mark' sales promotion.

Many companies now make their sustainable income by selling the mobile services. But mobile advertising is the future fastest growing market segment, suppose, after Internet. It will give millions of people employment, tax proceeds - to Treasury and billions of dollars after-tax profit - to cellular communication operators, mobile phone producers and brokers. Apple was the first who realized it.

Mobile advertising market will grow with the understanding of its capabilities and market capacities. Producers will flood the market with devices that will be similar to iPhone facilities. That'll be cheaper, qualitative and mass distributed. But before that, Apple Company monopolizes the mobile advertising market and cash out. That's a gift of saying the right thing at the right time.